Presently, I am a teacher, writer, blogger, college graduate, marathon finisher, foodie, father, but, before any of that, I was a prisoner, an ex-con, a kid from the streets. If we met you would never know that I spent close to a decade in prison. There’s no evidence of it in my speech, nor any hint of it in my mannerisms, and I’m proud of that. What you would know, if we met, is that I will not recite the lines to society’s pre-written script; I will never be a supporting actor in their theater called life, and I’m proud of this too. You see, the ability to resist conformity, to drive back the urge to fall in line, is becoming increasingly rare. I, however, happily deviate from the “norm,” not out of a desire to appear unique but to avoid being the animal lead out to slaughter. I refuse to follow the masses ‘just because.’ I will not study and memorize their books of “etiquette.” I will not salivate at the idea of breaking into their social circles, no, I do not wish to be rewarded or heralded for blind acquiescence. I just want to be myself, without having to hide my past. So that’s what you’ll get, me: the believer, the father, the writer, the blogger, the ex-con, the truth.

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