Today I’m going to break away from the type of posts my readers have come to expect. I just want to share with my readers some fun facts about my blog. Here they are:

The 5 Countries where my blog is viewed (and read) the most:

(1) United States, (2) United Kingdom, (3) Canada, (4) Australia, (5) India

The 5 countries where my blog has been viewed the most IN THE LAST 30 DAYS:

(1) United States, (2) Japan, (3) United Kingdom, (4) India, (5) Australia

The 5 countries where my blog has been viewed the most TODAY:

(1) United States, (2) United Kingdom, (3) Romania, (4) Japan, (5) Nigeria

Total number of countries where my blog has been viewed: 94

Total number of words, not including today’s post, that I’ve shared with my readers since I started this blog: 33,590 words

The day I received my most views ever: September 20, 2017

The post that MAY be responsible for the day I received my most views ever: 

It’s Okay To Ask Questions (which was published on Sept. 19, 2017)

Books I’ve either recommended, wrote about, reviewed, or mentioned:

(1) The Holy Bible, (2) The Four Agreements(3) The House of the Dead, (4) The Art of War, (5) The Story of Philosophy, (6) The Book of Five Rings, (7)Awaken the Giant Within, (8) The Prince, (9) The Wolf’s Hour


These are just some facts I found interesting and wanted to share with my readers. Thank you all so much for taking time out of your days to stop by and read my posts. I’m humbled and honored that you take an interest in my writing at all. Thanks again. God Bless!







4 thoughts on “Soul On Rice: Interesting Facts

  1. Greetings from Japan! On Tuesday I will be back in India to add to your India stats! Most of my views come from United States, UK and India as well, it is interesting to see where readers come from isn’t it. With United States being by far the most for me even though I am from the UK, I am thinking of adopting a few American spellings in tribute! All the best.


    1. Greetings from Brooklyn , NY! You’re going from Japan back to India on Tuesday. That sounds awesome. Up to this point I’ve only dreamed of those places. I’ll get there one day. And yes, it is very interesting to see where my readers are from. Thanks for reading. God bless.

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  2. The old stats page–the one that popped up when I started blogging–had a map showing where the blog was read, and I loved that. That’s long gone, though. I’ll have to dig around and see if I can’t find the countries listed somewhere. Clearly you found them, so they’ve got to be hidden in there somewhere. In the meantime, greetings from an American in the U.K.


    1. Yes, the old stats page. It always intrigues me. I think its pretty cool, being able to see where my page is being viewed. I’m still able to see the map. I just click “My Site” then scroll down to “Stats,” and, on the other side of the screen click “Countries” and it should be there. Thanks for stopping by. Greetings from Brooklyn.
      God bless.


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