This is my first post in over two months. I took a break and disappeared from the blog world. It was a temporary break though. I always knew I’d be back. Anyway, I figured the best kind of post for my “return” would be one that sheds light on my blog as a whole. I thought it would be interesting information for readers who are already familiar with my blog and a good start for those who are new to my blog. Here are my 5 most popular posts to date:

1. 15 Years Ago Today: This is my most-read (most-viewed) post so far, which I’m happy about because it’s one of the posts I’m most satisfied with. It’s like a flash memoir. It gives the reader so much of my life, but with description and brevity. It tells of a day that’s special to me, so special in fact that, for years, I celebrated on this day. It was my own personal “New Years Day.”

2. Prologue To My Memoir: I had always entertained the idea of writing a memoir of my prison experience. Even before I was released from prison I thought about it. And when I was released, I went straight to college and majored in creative writing because I still dreamt of publishing my memoir. But I procrastinated and never put pen to paper. Until one day I did and the words just came to me, nonstop and in a flash, until I had a few pages of what would be the beginning of my memoir. I’ve added more since that day, of course, but this post is exactly what I wrote that one day, when I finally felt inspired to begin my memoir. It is still, to this day, unfinished, but I’m okay with that. I realized the words will come when they’re ready. NOTE: If you are so kind as to read this part of my memoir, your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks in advance.

3. He Was One Of Us: This is such a brief piece but, to me, a deep and important one. Here I just wanted to present the reader with a thought about how Jesus’ life seemed to mirror our present day description of criminal behavior. I wanted to show the similarities between the life of Jesus and the life of minorities in America today. It was my own way of saying “things haven’t changed a bit in two thousand years.” It was my own way of saying “be careful of who you call a criminal because, even though I have a felony conviction, the real criminal here might be you.” It was my own way of saying “Yes, I do feel oppressed and held down and persecuted, but I’m in good company. ” It was my own way of saying “I know who I am: A son of God.”

4. Scary Prison Moments (#1): This really was a “scary prison moment.” It froze me stiff in my bunk. I wondered about the identity of the ‘screamer’ for months until one day I just stopped thinking about it. But I’ve never forgotten it. I doubt I ever will.

5. It’s Okay to Ask Questions: The title of this post is self explanatory. But it is subjective. I, myself, do not mind answering questions about my time inside, however, others might not be so open about past traumatic experiences. There is no “normal” where this is concerned. Everyone responds to events differently, traumatic or not. 

Anyway, thanks for reading. And please, click on the links, read my 5 most popular posts, and leave a comment on each, tell me what you think of the experiences and/or the writing. God bless.




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