1.  “I‘m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

2. “It is only prudent never to place complete confidence in that by which we have even once been deceived.” –Rene Descartes

There is nothing more damaging to a relationship than the loss of trust. There is nothing more hurtful than discovering a loved one to be untrustworthy. A relationship devoid of trust is one that exists in name only. You may call her your friend, your sister, your wife, or your mother, but what is that title if you can’t trust her? She may as well be a stranger. You may call him your best friend, your brother, your cousin, your husband, or your father, but how strong is your bond if you can’t trust him? He may as well be your enemy. You step foot on a bridge, or drive across it, only because you trust it will enable you to reach the other side safely. You’re too scared to parachute from a plane because you’ve heard tragic and unfortunate stories and, because of those tales, you know you can’t fully trust a parachute to function the way it was designed to. Would you eat at a restaurant if you thought the cook might poison you? Would you fall asleep next to someone if you thought he or she might attack you while you slept? Trust is the foundation of every type of relationship.

If you’re always deceitful in conversation, if you think your main job is to direct someone’s thoughts to the untrue, if lying to them is as natural to you as breathing, then your relationship is an imaginary one, as fake as the smile of an enemy, and why do you even talk to them? If you feel the need to lie to someone about everything then it’s pointless to even engage in conversation with them. It is a waste of time to put on a show of concern for a relationship if there is no genuine concern for that relationship.  

Don’t model yourself after a dying world. Staunchly refuse to mimic a world that is run by the enemy. Why do you think so much of what is deemed acceptable today goes against God’s word? Because satan has deceived the world.

Proverbs 12:22, Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord…

Psalm 52:2, Your tongue plots destruction, like a sharp razor, you worker of deceit.

And to you, the one who just got out of prison, if you’re reading this, there will be many instances of people using your past mistakes as a tool to convince others that you’re untrustworthy. Don’t allow it to discourage you. Keep your head up. Keep looking towards the sky. Keep praying. And be thankful to those who have provided a helping hand upon your release. Those are the people who love you, who still trust you. Always deal with them honestly. Strive to engage with them on a spiritual level. 

And God bless you.




6 thoughts on “The Tangled Web

  1. I changed my settings, and now I’m not getting a notification for everything. That may be the problem.

    This was very insightful, because I cannot comprehend lying. I literally hate it!

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  2. Trust. So true, and yes it doesn’t matter who it is, if they break your trust or to save their own face they throw you underthe bus with lies to make them look better how can you trust them again. And it’s really hurtful when the person is your mother and she is old and in a wheelchair. Who knows how much time she has left on earth, but all I can hear is her contemptuous words in my ear. Forgive and go on when she hasn’t even said I’m sorry. Trust, when it’s lost is hard to get back.

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    1. Yes, and trust is the foundation of every relationship. And when the foundation of ANYTHING is damaged, the entire structure is compromised.
      Thank you SonniQ for being a consistent reader of my posts. I really appreciate it. I put a lot of myself into these writings.

      God bless.


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