6 thoughts on “The House of the Dead, by Dostoyevsky

  1. I have never spent time in prison. Once I was hitchhiking in South Dakota and this guy picked me up and took me to Broadus, Montana in a snow storm. He recommended that I go to the sheriff’s office in Broadus and they might put me up in a motel for the night. The sheriff told me that I could stay in the jail that night. I had the jail all to myself. The next day I hitchhiked to Billings and points west.

    Sitting in Jail in Broadus, Montana

    One time I was camped out by the river in Riverton, Wyoming and the cops saw me and ran my ID and told me that I had a warrant for my arrest for an unpaid hitchhiking ticket. I stayed a half hour in this holding cell till a friend stopped by to pay the last ten bucks of the fine.

    My First Time in Jail for Hitchhiking

    I can’t say that I can identify with Dostoyevsky as he describes prison life in Siberia, but I did spend time in four mental hospitals many years ago. I was diagnosed as manic-depressive (bi-polar). In 1986, my faith in Jesus Christ healed me of manic-depression and I am very grateful for what the Lord has done in my life.

    There is, no doubt, a stigma with being an ex-con. There is also a stigma in having spent time in mental hospitals. The people (like my family) who didn’t believe me when I told them that I was healed, I don’t have to be around any more (the Lord told me to severe all ties with those people a long time ago). I have plenty of brothers and sisters in Christ that I have met on the road the past 21 years. Who is my mother, my brother and my sister, but those who do the will of my Father.

    I have read THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV by Dostoyevsky—it is a great novel.

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    1. Hello. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, and commenting.
      You sound like you’ve lived an adventurous life. Hitchhiking from South Dakota to Montana and camping in Wyoming sounds like an awesome time. Just reading that reminds me of the book (and movie) “Into the Wild,” the fun and adventurous parts I mean.
      It is really awesome to read that Christ healed you from manic depression. Praise God.

      The House of the Dead is the only Dostoyevsky book I’ve read. I do own, and have tried to read, his most famous work, Crime and Punishment, but just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll try reading The Brothers Karamazov.
      Well, thanks again for stopping by.
      Nice to meet you.
      God bless.

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  2. The title THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD definitely does remind of at least two of the mental hospitals that I have been in—St. Elizabeth’s in Washington, D.C. and the mental hospital at Cherokee, Iowa. Some of those people are under such heavy medication that they walk around like zombies.

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  3. As a person who has only dwelt outside the world you are describing, I’m grateful for your candor and willingness to do this work to share your experiences.

    I believe a society can only be judged by how we deal with our most vulnerable populations, and I am pained by what I know of the treatment of prisoners within the system I pay for by my tax dollars.

    I understand the desire for vengeance by victims of crime, but I think we underestimate the cost for implementing it institutionally…

    When I pray for peace, I work hard to visualize that dream applying for everyone. (I’m not naturally good; I strain to be better!) 🙂

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