Listen here
You have to buy into their system
You have to dress up, wear slacks, shoes, maybe a tie
You have to make sure your shirt is tucked in
Make sure your belt color matches that of your shoes
When you eat with them, keep your elbows off the table
And place that napkin on your lap
Or tuck it in your shirt, but only if they do it first
Don't talk with food in your mouth, but if they do it
Act like you don't notice
Don't speak too loudly, or yell indoors, but if they do it
Don't point it out or anything, it's ok
You should never get too drunk, but if they do
Try to be understanding
Don't bring up race, but if they do
Say things that fall in line with their beliefs
Don't say anything that sounds racist, but if they do it
Be the bigger person
Don't talk about where you grew up
It's too different from the places where they grew up
Don't mention that time you got arrested
To them, only criminals and bad people get arrested
Never talk too much or control the conversation
That position, Center of Attention, is reserved for their own
Don't bring up God or Jesus Christ or things of the spirit
They don't talk about that stuff
Never ever say that good deeds and charity won't get them to heaven
Even though you know this to be true
When they are wrong, find a tactful way to reveal their error
They hate being wrong
They will do things that go against God's word
But if you point it out, they'll ostracize you
They'll denounce you and call you cursed
They'll whisper and say that you're rude
They'll hold up their possessions and shout, "Look, I'm blessed!"
They'll point and ask, "Where are your things?"
           "What possessions has God blessed you with?"
           "Was your prison stint an example of His love for you?"
Don't respond.
Because when satan wanted to tempt Jesus
He took Jesus to a very high mountain
and offered Jesus every kingdom of the earth
How could satan offer something that's not his own to offer?
You have to buy into their system
or get ostracized
and denounced
and arrested
and exiled
And you will die in their system


2 thoughts on “The Talk

  1. Excellent! I learned something new. How could this have passed me by? Belt color and show color must match. Does that go for women, too? Or for them maybe it is hat color and shoe color or maybe nail polish and shoe color. I think bra and underware color should match, but only if you wear those sorts of things. I’d get kicked out or relegated to the kitchen!

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