When does the physical form transform into bein’ the light
Seeing the light’s difficult when you’re deep in the life
Speaking the right’s difficult when you’re creepin’ at night
Creepin’ at night’s dead wrong when you’re speakin’ of Christ
Showing the whole world that your speech isn’t right
Me, I’m reachin’ for light
Get on my knees in the night
Ask forgiveness, I know He comes like a thief in the night
While to torture you subject yourself
Toss your flesh into hell
Doin’ dirt, of course I fell
Put me in prison
Nine years later, re-arisen
Didn’t think that I could be forgiven
On a weak beginnin’
But I’ll keep the mission
Keep committin’
Speak the living truth
But when they see me all they see is prison
They don’t agree I’m the son, Shootin’ holes through my thesis
But look inside my old cell, empty as the tomb of Jesus
I move the pieces of the puzzle ’till a picture begins to form
I see that in its weakest form
Evil is stronger than the deepest storm
Cold heart, I struggle to keep it warm

Post Script: I remember writing this at some point between being released from prison and being free for one year, so it was composed either in the second half of 2002 or the first half of 2003. After being released, I was so thankful to God. I just wanted to continue to work at being a better person and a better student of God’s word.

Feel free to leave an honest opinion. I hope you enjoyed the read. God Bless.

2 thoughts on “Rap Sheets: Untitled

  1. I’ve been meaning to come back. Life can get overwhelming sometimes.. I hope you keep writing. I’ve started the rewrite of the book I wrote for Jamie. Actually it isn’t a rewrite, I think I’m writing it all over again completely because I’ve learned a lot in 2 years. Writing a book is sooo different from writing a blog. But to do anything well it can’t just be slapped together. I think I also need to grow a second pair of hands so I can type in 2 places. Last week I put out another issue of my newsletter. I posted a link today on my site if you’d like to see it. Next month I think I will post links to other inmate or ex-inmate writings. I’d like to use something of yours. Let me know what you think and if you have something in mind you’d like me to use.


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