I’m originally from the Bronx, so, of course, I rap, well, I used to, and this is the first verse of a rhyme I wrote while inside. The title itself, Destined for Greatness, let’s you know that, even though I was locked away, I was keeping my head up, convincing myself that better days were coming. “It’ll get greater later,” we used to say. The line you’ll read, “Now it’s damn near nine years,” helps to date the writing. I was working on year number 9, so it must’ve been written between June of 2001 and May of 2002.

There’s another line worth commenting on, the one that mentions me being “seen in a house in the Caribbean.” It actually came to fruition, not the way I imagined it, but it happened. Less than a year from the day I got released I found myself in legal trouble, again, and all I could think of was that “revolving door,” that cycle that so many ex-cons fall victim to, and it scared me, so I fled. Circumstances led me to a tiny house on a small island that I will not name, because that’s a story for another time. Anyway, the reason I feel that this particular line is noteworthy or worth commenting on is because, to me, its a testament to the power of words. We were created in the image of God, in his likeness, and we have the ability to speak things into existence.

Tell me what you think of the following lyrics.

Destined For Greatness (verse 1)

Times I question myself, man do I got the potential
To lace the hottest lyrics on an instrumental
I didn’t make it
It’s bad luck
Or the fact I kept a gat tucked
In my waistband
Banished to the Wastelands
First thought was to devise a wicked escape plane
But my sister told me, that her friend seen a vision
Of me gettin’ hurt in prison
Implement the plan I didn’t
‘Cause one of my worst fears
Is causing the fam tears
Now it’s damn near nine years
With the walkin’ dead
Actin’ like they’re hard
When it’s time to fight, they wanna talk instead
Wish I was locked up in New York instead
Where the real stay real and the fake often are dead
In a pool of blood, off wit their head
There was a time I was lost in the dread
Streetwise, Tossin’ the lead
But I matured since then
Now your average stealer
Turned to an avid reader
Feel more alive than ever
The breath of life is my panacea
I’m guaranteein’
When I jump that I’ll be seen in
A house in the Caribbean
Living life, lookin’ for meanin’
Tossed in prison
Only fostered ambition
I had to pay the cost of livin’
A way, that’s rightful never
Now I’ll pick up the pieces I gotta put my life together